Thursday, August 28, 2014

Repurposed Vest

I wear a lot of vests. 
They are my go-to choices when I'm wanting to change things up. 
For example; 
They are very forgiving, i.e. on those days when you feel lumpy
they can cover up a lot of stuff, if you get my drift. 

Plus, I think I've learned to cut my vests in a stylish way. 
They have a flattering fit; High in the back, yet loose-fitting in the front.  

The armholes are deeply cut, so they are meant to be worn over something of your choice. 
A full t-shirt, a sports bra, tank....or whatever the weather dictates. 

The base of the vest is a Repurposed man's dress shirt. I usually use a size large, 
and that seems to accommodate a wide range of women's sizes .

I also add spacious pockets on the front. A girl's got to have a handy place to keep her stuff.

And because you can wear any shirt you prefer underneath the vest, 
it can be worn throughout summer and right into fall. 
Great for back-to-school. 


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