Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Funky, Chunky Necklaces

Had a slow, lazy Sunday afternoon this week. 
I wanted a good reason to sit and listen to a few After The Jump podcasts with Grace Bonney of Design Sponge. 
The podcasts offer good conversation about issues relevant to all Makers, regardless of what it is you actually create.  

But because sitting and doing nothing is not something I do, I gathered up some supplies to to see what my hands would make. 
A project is always lurking around...waiting, isn't it?

The Saturday morning before, I had hit some local yard sales and was lucky to find some chunky wooden beads. The particular colors above weren't exactly exciting or what I would have selected in a store.....but, because I am a dedicated Repurposer, I try my best to use resources that are available in that world of "no longer wanted'.

I love wooden beads. 
And I love brass bells. 

And......I just love the colors in these turquoise beads, especially the more faded colors. 
There is something very therapeutic about stringing beads. Because they go on one by one, it causes the eyes to focus on one bead at a time. It lets me appreciate the beauty of each individual bead. 


And when the string is done, and they're all working together, your mind can still see each bead individually, and then how it works with the whole. 
So, that was a really great Sunday afternoon. #reallygreatday
Picking up some new insights from After the Jump, and keeping my hands occupied with work that makes me happy.  


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