Friday, April 18, 2014

Shell Necklaces

These Repurposed necklaces were created shellsl I scavenged at the beach at Cayucos. 
The backing( necklace above) is leather-look, the clay discs are hand-created. 

A few stitches of colorful embroidery thread makes a vivid difference on tis necklace. 
It stirs up the color scheme. 
And, although it's texturally interesting, I didn't carry it into the other necklaces. I liked their peaceful palettes.

The woven straw cord was another one of my "aha"-moments.
After completing the shell pendants, I started the search for a cord that complemented the natural look and theme. 

Scrounging through my "stash", as I call fondly it, I discovered a section of this straw cord. 
I have no idea where I'd got it from. 

Often I regret my rat-packing tendencies. My workroom looks like the back-rooms of GoodWill.
However, it hardly ever fails to produce exactly the thing I need, when I need it. 

The Repurposing life is messy, but necessary.

I hope you enjoyed the photos in this post. They are the work of my favorite photographer 
and daughter. I hope you'll leave an encouraging  comment on her blog.


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