Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cotton Wrap

This has been my favorite summer "make" so far. 
It's such a nice fit.... and the fabric turned out to be a great fit as well!! 

It started out as an experiment, as do so many of the things I make. 
 I wanted to make a wrap top, but I didn't have a pattern.
Sometimes, I will cut and paste patterns ( using pieces and parts from several patterns), so to speak, to create the look I want.
This time, it wasn't that complicated. 
I just chose a pattern that had nothing to do with "wrapping", and which recommended an entirely different type of fabric. Hence, the experiment.

Above (right) is the pattern I used. I chose the bottom orange version.
After I cut and sewed, I attached ties from the left outside to the waist inside (photo left).

Next, I made a tie out of leftover fabric, and attached it at the right side waist seam.
And, done. That's a wrap. (sorry, couldn't resist)
Around the armholes I simply double folded, and sewed it down. 

The size is adjustable. I love that. On my fat days I want something that has a little give.

And despite the pattern calling for a knit material, the cotton was a do-able substitute. 
It looks crisp, and keep a nice shape. 


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