Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boho Purses

Ya gotta love a really big purse....
Sack Purse, Tote, BookBag, Boho Bag, satchel, CarryAll...
Whatever you want call it.
It needs to do the job.

So, when I sew Boho bags, I keep a few things in mind. 

They generally have a closure of some sort. 
 Haven't we all had that experience where we drop our bag, 
and everything in it goes sliding across the floor? 
This bag features a handmade button. It buttons-up through the front of the bag.

  I also include several pockets, a few inside, and generally at least one outside; i.e. pockets for your phone, I-pod, pens etc. 

The straps on this bag are double layered, and wide, so they don't dig into your shoulder. 
Most often the straps are long enough so the bag can be carried cross-body. That allows for easy access into your bag, as well as security.

The bags are fully lined, and created with recycled or reclaimed fabrics. 
This bag features panels of vintage materials. 

Perfect for back-to-school!!


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