Friday, April 26, 2013


Let's make belts. Why not? 
There are plenty of How-Tos available on Pinterest and craft blogs. 
Some are a little simpler to make then others, but there's something for every skill level.  
And there's nothing better than wearing your own creation. 
How simple can it be?
Pretty darn. 
In the belt above < I fused fabric swatches onto an old musty-pink belt I had that was looking worn. I appliqued the fake stitches with fabric paint. Eh!'s okay for just everyday.

This braided belt from Delia Creates comes with a tutorial.

Love this be-jeweled belt. It could dress up anything.
I created this belt from a strip of fabric I had left over from hemming a skirt. 
The trim was purchased at Art From Scrap in Santa Barbara. 
I added the Fimo clay charm, it was laying around from an old project, and then had to come up with a buckle solution. Luckily I had this wooden buckle stashed away from a yard sale. 

This wedding accessory looks do-able.
I constructed the Obi tie belt above from two vintage ties and a few fabric "pennies".
Super Easy.  
This photo of another beautiful Obi belt came from searching "Belts" on Pinterest.
 Source unknown.
Several years ago I made a batch of belts using vintage guitar straps. I loved the look. 
This is the only one I have left.

Here's a well presented How-To From Lil Blue Boo you're going to love.  
Making belts from used plastic candy wrappers.  Fun, and a really great way to reuse the plastic.

If you live in the SOCAL area, stop by the MOM and POP-Up event at the Port of LA this Saturday, April 27th. 
Sponsored by Crafted LA. Handmade treasures from local Makers. 

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